Oil and Gas Industry

Project Description:

To supply material & manpower for all electrical/ Instrumentation/ Job & Servicing Flare TCs, including test pilots flame alarms and Material & manpower for Tube-skin TCs installation C/W associate E&I Jobs.

To supply Instrumentation material and consumable for the work on provision of Flow Control valve for the unstabilised Naptha to Unit 24 & 32 at HCK battery limitand instrumentation and consumable for work on replacement of wash water flowmeter project at unit 30.

Supply & replace tube-skin thermocouple for furnace unit 30 C/W DOSH approved Welding Procedure and providing materials and manpower for installation, testing and Commissioning of all Electrical & Instrumentation works for Boiler F-5102.

Removal of existing strucked thermowell and replace with new improved version of thermowell-tubeskin and Pass TCs replacement for phase III PSR2 and repair tube skin TCs for Furnace 32 c/w Post Weld Heat Treatment.

Electrical & Instrumentation works & commissioning of two nos. of storage tanks at Prai Depot Pulau Pinang.Electrical & Instrumentation works during Terminal shutdown project. Instrumentation and Electrical works for unit 13 furnace during PSR-1 2007 TA.

Electrical & Instrumentation service on major turnaround.Storage tank foundation rebar earth bonding.