• Biodiesel Refinery Plant

    Biodiesel Refinery Plant

    Features/ Specifications: Job scope include supplying and installing E&I package including control system. Total instruments exceeded 2

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  • Brewery Plant in Cambodia

    Brewery Plant in Cambodia

    Features/ Specifications: AS-interface Project. Yeast propagation & CIP control system. IFM gateway with Siemens S7 300 PLC using P

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  • Die Set Stroke Monitoring

    Die Set Stroke Monitoring

    Features/ Specifications: To recognize each die set with individual ID for stroke monitoring. System display die set health level using col

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  • Sushi Freshness System

    Sushi Freshness System

    Features/ Specifications: To reject dishes which circulate longer than the preset time on chain conveyor. Reject individual dish using reje

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  • Tank Level Monitoring with Messaging System

    Tank Level Monitoring with Messaging System

    Features/ Specifications: Using Murr Elektronik GSM module and Banner ultrasonic level sensor. 0-10VDC output to PLC for Hi-Low monitoring

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  • Industrial Demagnetizer

    Industrial Demagnetizer

    Features/ Specifications: Use to remove residual magnetism from magnetic parts. Removal of residual magnetism up to 0.5 gauss. Equip wi

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  • Slotting Machine

    Slotting Machine

    Features/ Specifications: Customized design specially made to fulfill customer requirement on slotting process. Project implementation from

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  • Auto Washer Stacker

    Auto Washer Stacker

    Features/ Specifications: Customized made for stacking washer to rod which increase output to 8 times compare to manual. Chemical resistant

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  • Auto Clamp Unloader - V1.0

    Auto Clamp Unloader - V1.0

    Features/ Specifications: Customized design to unload stamping parts to special tray. Equip with safety features like curtain sensor and ac

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