Capacitive Sensors

Level measurement of liquids and bulk material is best implemented with capacitive sensors. Production processes are thus controlled in the best way possible. Constant control of consumption and assessment of demand requires on-time signalling of level limits in order to keep production processes running and to enable forward planning. This is possible with capacitive sensors. They can be mounted on the outside of metal containers without modification, where they capture the filling levels through the container wall. They detect many different substances, no matter if conductive, non-conductive, liquid or solid. The BCC sensor series is the optimum choice for bulk solids. They detect powders and granulates through extremely thick walls and are especially protected against static discharge. Deposits and conductive liquid films on container walls are a special challenge. Conventional sensors quickly reach their limits here. The TURCK BCF sensor series can deal with it. With the automatic wetting compensation integrated as a standard, they blank out adhesive deposits and liquid films on container walls. The QF5,5 type is extremely small and fits therefore in many places. There are almost infinite mounting options. It can be mounted to risers with cable ties or to other plastic pipes or even screwed on non-metal container walls. The QF5,5 can even detect problematic substances reliably, thanks to its extremely large switching distance. Any application can thus be handled.
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